About Christine Holliday & Hatch End 11+ Tuition

I have been teaching children for 25+ years. During that time I have taught as a class teacher in Primary Schools, taught Mathematics in Secondary Schools and also been Head of Mathematics in a school for children with Learning Difficulties.

I first started tutoring children for the 11+ examinations when my eldest daughter Katie was nine years old. I began by tutoring her and her friends for their 11+ examinations. The following year I tutored my second daughter Elena and all of her friends. From then on I continued tutoring friends’ and neighbours’ children. After tutoring my son James and his friends in 1996 I had so much demand for tuition for both 11+ and GCSE Maths that I decided to stop full-time teaching and concentrate solely on tutoring.

I believe that all children can benefit from tuition. I firmly believe that encouragement and motivation is the key to learning. I like to feel that all children that are taught in my tuition groups are happy to be here and happy to learn.

Hundreds of children taught by Hatch End Tuition have achieved their goal of passing exams and getting into the school of their choice. Even though the majority of our courses lead towards passing 11+exams, many parents send their children to Hatch End 11+Tuition solely to build up their children’s confidence in a particular subject. There are a number of parents who are very happy to send their children to the local Secondary School and bring their children to Hatch End 11+ Tuition to ensure their children are reaching their full potential.

All the teaching staff working at Hatch End 11+ Tuition are fully qualified teachers with years of experience.  They have all been CRB checked.