Mock Exams coming soon

Dates for 2020 coming soon!

Venue: Bushey Arena, Bushey Academy.


Hatch End 11+ Mock Exams are in the style of the following School / Consortium entrance exams:

South-West Hertfordshire Consortium (Schools include The Watford Grammar schools, St. Clement Danes; Parmiter’s, Rickmansworth and Queens)

Queen Elizabeth Boys’ School

Henrietta Barnett Girls’ school

Buckinghamshire County Council (Schools include Dr. Challoner’s, Chesham Grammar and more)


Why sit Mock Exams?

The experience of a answering an exam paper in true ‘exam conditions’ is an invaluable one. This type of practice can help a pupil overcome exam nerves and build confidence.

Hatch End 11+ Mocks have up-to-date timings, format and style that match the entrance exams of the schools and consortiums above. In the last 5 years, over 3000 bookings have been made at our exam sessions.

We provide:

  • Prompt feedback:
  • A scores breakdown.
  • Areas of improvement. (Including the incorrectly answered questions from the maths paper)
  • Analysis of scores and ranking within the group.


Dates and Booking

COMING SOON: Available to book on this page by the end of January.