Summer Holiday course 2018 for children who have just finished Year 4

Our summer holiday courses are now finished.During the Summer holidays 2018 we are running courses suitable for  children who have completed Year 4 at school by 31st July 2018.

Due to demand we have opened another Year 4 Creative Writing course on 6th and 7th August.

Our summer holiday courses have now finished. Thank you to those parents who booked. We hope to see you again next year, if not before.


Creative Writing courses

Ideal for a boost in Writing and other Literacy skills.

Each course will be taught by a specialist English teacher. It will run for five hours over two days (2 x  2.5 hour sessions)

The course will develop the following skills:

  1. Ideas for writing
  2. Structure
  3.  Vocabulary building
  4. Speech and language fluency
  5. Rules of writing; spelling, punctuation and grammar

There will be up to eight children in the class.

Maths Revision Course

Ideal for revising work covered in Year 4. Our aim is to ensure that your child enters Year 5 confident that they understand the topics covered in the previous year.

This course will be taught by a qualified primary school teacher from our team.

The course will cover:

  • Decimal notation, ordering, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by multiples of 10.
  • Area and perimeters
  • Averages, mode, median, mean and range
  • Fractions: Equivalence, lowest terms.
  • Time
  • Direct Proportion
  • Long multiplication and division


Reading/Comprehension/Cloze passages/Vocabulary building

If your child struggles with understanding and answering comprehensions, this is the course for them.

The children will be taught by a qualified primary school teacher from our team.

Our aim is to ensure that each child learns skills to help them know where to find the answer in the passage and formulate a grammatically correct answer to each question.


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