We’ve helped 1000s of students achieve the results they need to access their school of choice. Read some recent comments from pupils and parents below:

“I would like to let you know that our daughter passed the 11+ exam. She will be going to our first choice grammar school. Thank you very much to you all for all the guidance and support and the excellent teaching program.” Anna.

“We wanted to let you know that our son did extremely well in his 11+ and got offers from - Watford Boys Grammar School, HABS Boys, Merchant Taylors and John Lyon. Thank you for your guidance and support through this journey." Mrs Gupta

My son attended Hatch End tuition centre for over a year and half. I found the work done at Hatch End tuition was set at just the right pace for my son. Their homework challenges the children ,yet can be completed in a timely manner.  Their focus is on engaging and quality work rather than repetitive work. The classroom teaching is excellent and the children’s questions are answered well. My son enjoyed the lessons.

Each child’s English homework is marked by the teachers with very helpful and detailed feedback for improvement. The tuition continues in the summer holidays leading up to the exam which is very crucial in consolidating the learning and is a great opportunity to revisit the curriculum and plug any gaps in understanding.  

The mock exams provided excellent exam conditions practice for my son. He has been very successful, (exceeding our expectations in some) in all the exams he sat (Buckinghamshire, South West Herts and QE Boys).  A huge thank you to Chris, James and team for all their guidance, hard work and support to my son on his 11+ journey.

I wanted to remind you that the work ethic that you instill in your children from when they start coming to you at an early age is very helpful. I know you make a point of marking all work in a timely manner with feedback which prompted and helped my children as they knew their homework would be checked properly. It helped my daughter throughout her 11+ and GCSEs. She was organised and getting up early at 5am to revise. Mrs M.

Thank you to Chris and her team for a super job. Her techniques and methods to teach and connect with the children is excellent. My son also benefited from mock exam classes. He got a place in his choice of grammar school and carried on using the academic and organisation skills taught by Chris. He is now a confident young man about to study Economics at Cambridge! Mrs Mistry

I have been so pleased with Hatch End 11+. Both my children were accepted at their first choice senior school and the lessons really helped them with their school work. They were given the tools to handle exam situations and making sure they completed their tuition and school homework taught them to effectively manage their time. This really helped my son when he started senior school. I would recommend Chris and her team to anyone thinking of applying to any grammar or independent school. Thank you to you all. Karen B

I sent both my children to Hatchend 11+ and found the approach and learning environment particularly helpful, especially the regular testing during lessons, as both parents and child can see strengths and areas requiring focus. I sent my daughter from year 4 and this helped to provide a strong foundation in maths, which was her weaker area. When revising for the 11+ the practice papers provided were invaluable. They were very true to the papers set by the independent schools and when undertaken in a timed environment meant that there were no surprises on the day of the exams. Both children secured offers for the first choice schools. Thank you Hatchend 11+.  

My daughter has been attending tuition classes for 2yrs...it has been 2 yrs of hardwork, battles over homework and some tears ( me!) but the end result came last week in the form of an offer letter to Habs girls! For those parents that have heard you don't need to tutor your child, you do! Hatchend tuition centre provided us with all the materials to help gain my daughter's confidence. Romaine and James were brilliant in their feedback and support, especially after the mock exams and before the interviews. A huge heartfelt thanks to all at Hatchend! Soni

  I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for my son since last year. There is no doubt in our minds that he has excelled with your help and support.   Anyway I wanted you to know we really appreciated all that you have done.   Please thank your team of teachers for all the support, guidance and feedback they have given him with his English, Maths and VR.   Mrs Tablada  

  My son attended Hatch End 11 plus for a year. The classes are well structured and comfortably paced. His performance peaked just prior to his Watford Grammar (where he scored 100%) and QE Boys exam. The mock exams helped chart his progress and encouraged him to try harder. We are optimistic that he will get an offer from his first choice school.   Ajoy Nair  

My son got into Watford Grammar, John Lyon and MT.  Thanks very much for all your help. Cheers, Sanjay

Thank you for all your help and support over the last 2 and half years.  Your classes have really helped me with my confidence and maths. Serena

With the help of Chris and her team, my daughter's results have exceeded our expectations, giving us the choice of the most sought-after schools in our area. She really enjoyed attending the classes and always came out smiling. I found Chris very approachable and was always impressed by how well she had got to know my daughter. I would thoroughly recommend Hatch End 11+ tuition to anyone seeking to prepare their child for selective school entry.  
Mrs Westgarth

I would highly recommend Hatch End 11 + to parents who wish to prepare their children for 11 plus exams. My son has enjoyed and benefited from attending the tuition lessons. My son has been offered places from all the top schools he had applied.
Mary Long

This is my poem for your website! ;) Chris, you are a star because of you I got this far You helped me pass my 11+ test That proves you are the best! I hope you like this! It's short but sweet!

My brother and I started going to Chris in year four and right from the beginning we had an instant connection with Chris, she is a extremely good teacher and we learned very quickly with her, she made us feel very motivated to do our home work and to do well in the exams. My family and I think that without Chris my brother and I James would have not been able to achieve the grades to enter Watford Grammar for boys and girls, St Helens and other private schools that we were accepted. Thanks a million Chris!
Francesca Hopkins

Our daughter has found Chris extremely helpful and her classes fun to learn. Chris prepares the children so well that the our daughter was well prepared and took the exams in her stride. We have been pleased with Chris that we are now sending our son.
Mrs Sapna Kukadia

Chris and her team's expertise instilled confidence in my son to perform at his best, enabling him to secure 11+ offers at local grammar and public schools.
Mr Singh